Beef & Lamb: 'My Strategic Farm journey' with Ian Norbury

Apr 01, 03:33 PM
In this episode we hear from Beef & Lamb Strategic Farmer Ian Norbury as he reflects on the changes he has implemented and the lessons he has learnt during the past three years being a part of the project.

Running a beef farm in Mobberley Cheshire, Ian now works full-time on the farm alongside his father to look after the 250 acres of land, located close to Runway 2 at Manchester Airport. Since beginning his journey as a Strategic Farmer with AHDB in 2017, Ian explains that one of the biggest and most effective changes he has implemented is rotational grazing, as well as colostrum testing, taking egg fluke counts instead of routine worming, using EID tags, increasing numbers and reducing the calving period to 12 weeks. Take a listen to find out more about his journey.

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