Dr. Melba Ketchum, Bigfoot DNA - Proof Denied?

Apr 01, 2021, 05:39 PM

It's okay to NOT believe in Sasquatch. Just play it safe for whatever reason sounds plausible: Don't go into the woods alone.

It would certainly seem - given the number of reported sighting, encounters and Indigenous Legends (spanning the globe) incorporating giant, hairy beings - Sasquatch aka Bigfoot/Yeti etc., has the ability to remain unseen by many.

Dr. Melba Ketchum talked about being with a group of people who witnessed a Bigfoot - while one person who was also in that group was unable to see the being.   

How then to prove the existence of a being who avoids/eludes detection and capture?

Maybe that is the wrong question. What happens when those who have evidence and science backed proof are denied validation and beyond that, discredited, scorned and ridiculed?

Dr. John Mack endured that type of backlash when coming forward with his cases on Experiencers of Alien Abduction: Abduction.
New book about John Mack: The Believer.

John Mack was not an experiencer. Dr. Melba Ketchum is both an experiencer and a researcher.

Dr. Melba Ketchum [ CV pdf ] didn't set out to prove anything, She didn't actually believe in Bigfoot/Sasquatch. When contacted to research evidence samples (source), she acquired DNA evidence. The next logical step was to move forward and validate the case.

That's when things got complicated. Things are still complicated.

The kicker? Other evidence in her possession - just as controversial. Going forward - Dr. Ketchum is opting to forgo the conventional route. She says future activities and results will be published on her site [Linked below].

While DNA evidence might help corroborate the existence of Bigfoot for the skeptics - like those who continue to argue against the existence of UFOs - experiencers already have their up close and personal proof: encounters.

Her advice for those who would attempt to go questing for Sasquatch? "Don't go into the woods alone."

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