8th Anniversary Special with Amazon Eve and Hannah Bakk

Apr 04, 03:28 PM
It was the 8th Anniversary of The Dark Mark Show and Mark and Nicole were joined by frequent guest and friend Amazon Eve and former cohost Hannah Bakk

Eve talked about being how she has been playing a lot of Dungeons and Dragons during the pandemic, giant fetishes, what it is like to be in a makeup chair for 4 hours, getting "zombie kinky", reminisced about wrestling Mark on past shows and what it was like to work with Kathy Bates on American Horror Story

Hannah talked about her new podcast Vegans Uncensored, how she is now comfortable with the camera, the time she was requested to kick a man in the balls, and everyone reminisced about all the great and fiery times on the show

Eve also may have dropped a hint about future American Horror Story involvement,,,or not...

This show is dedicated to the memory of Cleve Hall, Liam Breunle and Clownalyn Monroe

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