Should Sony Put MLB The Show 21 on PS Now/PS+ at Launch? | TYQ328

Apr 05, 05:08 AM

Tonight, we discuss MLB The Show 21 coming to Xbox Game Pass, Game Pass on PlayStation, Outriders, Starfield, and more!

Here are all of the questions we answer this week:

  • Should Sony put MLB The Show 21 on PS Now/PS+ at launch?
  • Will games like Outriders and The Show 21 make Game Pass successful?
  • Can Game Pass bring in Japanese developers?
  • Would Xbox Game Pass be successful on PlayStation?
  • Are you going to play Outriders?
  • What can Sony do to counter Starfield being an Xbox exclusive?
  • What new features do you want to see in games?
  • What have been your favorite food-related game promotions?
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