Dawn smoke on distant seas

Apr 05, 12:04 PM
Hong Kong ferry reimagined by Owen Sennitt.

"I had great fun playing with the original recording and coming up with this piece. I didn't necessarily have any particular ideas in mind when I started out, instead it just developed as I gathered different sounds and manipulated them before then putting them together. In the end, the engine chugging in the recording reminded me of being out on the water on an old launch, enveloped by the early dawn sea smoke, with only the blinking of channel markers to keep you on course.

"I suppose that peaceful eeriness is what is imagined in my mind when listening to the track.  I wanted to keep the original recording in the piece as is, alongside the sounds I explored during the composition that drift in and out, keeping it as a reference. Aside from one pad, all the sounds were created from samples of the original recording, which was taken at a Hong Kong fish market."

Part of the Until We Travel project to map and reimagine the sounds of transport and travel in a pre-pandemic and pandemic world. See the whole project at https://www.citiesandmemory.com/travel.