The Anatomy of a Healthy Relationship - An Interview with Dr. Ryeal Simms

Episode 16,   Apr 01, 2021, 01:00 AM

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Dr. Ryeal Simms {Cognitive Neuropsychologist, Behaviorist, Certified Relationship Coach, and Sex Expert}

On the show we will discuss the phases of attraction from a scientific standpoint, the dangers in connecting with "the wrong one", the power in connecting with "the right one" and how sex impacts it all. We will also discuss how to keep your relationship healthy and vibrant.


Neuropsychologist, Relationship Expert, Body Language / Sex Expert International speaker & Behaviorist.

Relationship Scientist Dr. Ryeal Simms is a cognitive neuropsychologist, behaviorist, motivational speaker and the leading authority on the neuroscience of relationships/sex worldwide.

A licensed and certified relationship coach, Counselor/Marriage facilitator, body language expert with the Relationship Coaching Institute and the Prepare/Enrich Program, Dr. Simms’s passion is analyzing the neuroscience of love by dissecting why we do what we do from an eco-bio-psycho-social-spiritual point of view. 

Dr Ryeal Simms is also a member the GGI network of Neuroscience researchers and the resident relationship Professor at the OptiMind Neuroscience Institute ( where he integrates the disciplines of cognitive neuropsychology, neurobiology, neurochemistry anthropology and body language to teach youth, adults and corporations how to make wise personal and professional relationship choices.




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