Cut it out, Karl! Plus: Summer Movies 2021

Season 6, Episode 24,   Apr 06, 2021, 06:40 PM

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It's 2020+1 and Summer Blockbusters are back, baby. Or are they? We run down all the big films slated for release from now through August. Plus: Tim got a new kitchen, Snowfall is the best TV in years, Karl from Slingblade visits Japan, What We Watched, Staff Picks and the usual nonsense.

#Invincible #SummerMovies #Snowfall #MortalKombat #WrathOfMan #SpiralSaw #AQuietPlaceII #TheConjuring #Samaritan #InTheHeights #TopGun #PeterRabbit #BlackWidow #TheSuicideSquad #JungleCruise #F9 #HotelTransylvania #Respect #Candyman


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