Testing our patience

Apr 07, 06:26 AM
It's time for the hottest, sweariest and angriest podcast in town as Mike Graham and Kevin O'Sullivan return for another sparkling episode of the Thought Police.

Today they discuss: their dogs, Boris' latest pathetic briefing, the ongoing lack of freedom, being in the clutches of Sage and the scientists, vaccine passports, how parts of America are flying in the face of Presidential orders, returning to British values, Beth Rigby, the latest climate change initiatives, the Oxford and Cambridge boat race, MI5, controversy around an episode of Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, why the BBC are hypocrites, Line of Duty, and the perils of posing nude in Dubai. It's the podcast that brings you nothing but the naked truth, it's the Thought Police.     

You can follow the boys on Twitter. Mike Graham is: @IROMG, Kevin O'Sullivan is @TVKev and you'll find the podcast too: @ThoughtPoliceTP.

Meanwhile if you'd like to send an email, the address is: thoughtpolicepod@gmail.com.