Leon Lloyd: What would Neil Back do?

Apr 08, 04:00 AM
Leon Lloyd was an integral part of a Leicester Tigers team who were one of the most successful English rugby teams in the history of the sport. Leon scored the winning try in a Heineken Cup final (2001) as well as scoring over 460 points during the 6 Premiership League titles they won over a 12 year period, which takes a dedication to improvement and constantly striving for excellence. 

Having lived with England World Cup winning captain, Martin Johnson at the tender age of 17, which shaped and influenced Leon to be the best that he could be and subsequently this mindset cascades across all areas of his life.

To be surrounded with the likes of Neil Back, Ben Kay and Austin Healey on a daily basis still has Leon asking himself 'what would Backy do in this situation'?!

Post rugby, Leon has gone on to be a CEO, a published author and one of the UK's most sought after Keynote Speakers taking on subjects that he knows intimately such as; teamwork, culture, leadership and performance.

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