07 | Quantum Self-Protection for Lightworkers

Apr 08, 09:50 AM
Have you ever felt the need to have stronger protection?

This episode is a special activation for lightworkers who need to be protected when doing healing and for anyone who feels they receive lower frequencies in their field.

If like me, you are a lightworker, a yoga teacher, a coach, a massage therapist, a healer etc..., you most likely have felt depleted of energy after serving your tribe. You might even have felt the presence of low vibrating beings using your space or physical body when they weren't welcomed.

I had enough of constantly having to protect myself, not really feeling massive differences as I would put my usual structures in place.

So my powerful friends the Andromedans came to help me!

In this episode, I share the powerful channelled activation where you will learn their self-protection technique.ย 

This episode covers:
  • How I used to struggle to protect myself when trance channellingย 
  • Why you need more protection when working with more frequencies in the Quantum
  • The method from the Andromedans that fully protects me always
  • Learn the 8 layered Quantum protection technique channelled live in this episode

Extra resources & links:

๐‰ Bonjour!
I am your host Cendrine, ascension and mission mentor and trance channel to the 9D Arcturian Council of Light. ย 
Together we will learn about the infinite quantum and galactic realms so we can embody more of our multidimensionality and accelerate our ascension.
Letโ€™s reclaim our freedom and recode our reality!

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