Joseph Kelly and Lilian Sin of Clown Motel 2

Apr 11, 10:47 AM
Joseph Kelly, the writer-director of Clown Motel and Clown Motel 2 and Lilian Sin one of the scary clowns of Clown Motel 2 joined Mark and Nicole for a frighteningly fun show

Joseph talked about taking inspiration from the haunted Tonopah motel which gives his film it's name, some possibly paranormal activity which happened during shooting, how he was able to get Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers actors in the same film, what it was like to double John Cena in Bumblebee (just after directing his brother) and his pride in directing his son in yet another clown film Clowny

Lilian talked about how she has always been attracted to clowns from an early age, how she channels a psychotic character once she has clown makeup on, she is in much demand post-pandemic and has lined up several horror and sci fi movies and is well on her way to becoming a scream queen and talks about what scares her and what her fetish is (!)

Mark and Lilian also had a spirited argument in the middle of the show about the 4 hour Justice League Snyder Cut...

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