😴That Dream Life 😴

Apr 10, 04:30 PM
Welcome Back to Blue Moon Vibes! The podcast that makes you laugh a lil' bit cry a lil' bit, and think a lil' bit! My goal is to be the one that gives you more than you asked! I hope you can find value in these topics and they become something that you talk amongst your friends and family about! Don't shy away from challenging issues because that is where growth happens! The change you want to see is the change you must create! We are worthy, we are tenacious, we are strong, and we are purposeful! The only way I feel that the only way to erase the divide is to come together as a nation and begin to treat each other as people, with respect and courtesy! Today, I challenge you to push yourself to a level of discomfort that manifests an internal and external change. I challenge you to look at yourself and BELIEVE that you have the power and courage to tackle any obstacle placed in front of you. Your challenge has thusly been to uncover your gifts, to compete against yourself, to race the clock of life, and come out victorious. Your medal of honor is waiting for you to grab hold of it and place it around your neck as a symbol of domination. You have gained the knowledge necessary to eradicate the enemy and conquer the game!

It's Series 3, episode 2. He had a dream! Selma made it happen, The strength, the fight, the hatred, the love, the determination. What is the goal? The goal is to be the BEST! NOT for them but ourselves. Yall PBid educated me on this one! NEVER be too proud to learn from others. He broke down the difference between equity, equality, and justice. In this episode, we push the envelope, share some radical ideas, explain how we feel on each topic, and how the struggles amongst black people are there, and they also are different between black men and women. 

Equity-Everyone can run the race, but you have to start 1 meter back.
Equality-Everyone goes to college and receives the same caliber of education.
Justice-Everyone gets a lawyer, lawyer 1 =20 yrs. exp. Lawyer 2 = 1 yr exp.


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