We Cast Game Characters as Avengers | Save Data Cast Ep 7

Apr 10, 04:00 PM
Marvel's Avengers was a real let down of a game in 2020 (and continuing into 2021). Let's fix Avengers. This week on the Save Data Cast, we replace Marvel's Avengers with video game characters from different franchises. Would Snake make a good Captain America? Which Avenger could possibly be replaced by Kirby? Kratos is obviously Thor, right?

The answers may surprise you.
We missed our Fantasy Critic Update this week, it'll be back on the next episode! Whoops!

Time Codes:
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Zak - 01:37
Chris - 04:34
Prij -  09:02
Elise's Monster Hunter Corner - 13:31
David - 26:16
Topic of the Show - 31:41