Panelaço (potbanging) in Rio de Janeiro

Apr 13, 2021, 10:34 AM

"This is a short recording of a pot-banging protest in the Catete neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro, March 2021. When people cannot go on the streets to protest, they bang pots to show their displeasure with the government. 

"In this case, the protest was a general protest against the president of Brazil, Bolsonaro. Pot-banging is a relatively easy form of protest: it makes lots of noise, does not require people to gather (and risk to be arrested or attacked by the police) and so people who would normally not protest are more inclined to participate. 

"These protests started to propagate all over Brazil since February 2020 as the people are growing weary of the government."

Recorded by Samuel van Ransbeeck.

Part of the StayHomeSounds project to map and reimagine the sounds of the Covid-19 lockdowns.