New RNIB product catalogue, Echo Show 10, and accessible gaming

Apr 13, 12:01 PM
Hi there! Welcome back to Tech Talk. There is loads and loads and loads in today's show, how on earth we cram everything in to one hour is beyond comprehension! Firstly, we can say that Steven, Robin and Andy are re-joined by Tim once again, after a brief absence - welcome back Mr Schwartz!

On today's show, we talk about some new products coming soon from the RNIB that has Steven all giddy! The new product guide was revealed at the start of April, and we talk through some of the items available - full demos from Steven coming soon, if he can ever stop saying the word "excited"!

Also this week, Steven chats with Dennis Stansbury, Amazon’s UK Country Manager for Alexa Experience and Devices, about the Echo Show 10 - the newest in the 'Lady A' range of smart speakers, which includes a 10.1" HD screen that moves automatically and always keeps you in the frame - a big plus for video calls, and following recipes in the kitchen!

Our Technology for Life team feature comes via Fraser Fleming of Triple Tap Tech in Scotland, who is talking all about accessible gaming!

What's that, you want more? Fine! We even have time to dip our toes into the pool of emails - this week, moving from PC to Mac, and what that means for those switching from Jaws to Voiceover.

All that, plus clamshell phones, QVC, Perky Duck, sunsets, ruminating, Demolition Man, and being covered in chocolate.

We love to read your emails, so if you have thoughts on the Echo Show 10, gaming consoles and accessibility, the new products from Amazon or anything in between...

P.S. Coming soon to this feed - a special Tech Talk Geek Out podcast on Aira!

Chat to you all next week :)