The Immaculate Boiz (The Immaculate Void by Brian Hodge)

Apr 14, 11:00 AM

Discussion of The Immaculate Void by Brian Hodge.

Sometimes you pick up a book and get a chance to embarrass yourself in front if it's author.

This week the guys discuss The Immaculate Void with author Brian "The Brain" Hodge (Shhhhhhh. He doesn't actually go by The Brain.)

Our hosts pander like pathetic fanbois to another author, stumble over their words, talk over their guest, and generally yell really loud things while Brian puts up with their bullshit. We learn that the one author Rance doesn't actually have a desire to fistfight is willing to throw down, and so he cowers and backtracks while Bob mocks him.

The show covers both the serious and the stupid, and somehow by the skin of their teeth, the fellas manage not to make Brian walk right the hell out of the zoom meeting.

P.S. This podcast is NSFW.  Remember that in millions of years, when your molecules manage to reconstitute in another body, you'll still have to deal with the consequences of listening to this shit.


The Immaculate Void by Brian Hodge.

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