Kate Winslet

Season 1, Episode 29,   Apr 18, 2021, 11:01 PM

Chats about home life, her childhood crush & TV series ‘Mare of Easttown'

In this episode, Gaby chats and giggles with Kate Winslet CBE. They chat all about her new TV series called ‘Mare of Easttown’ which has received rave reviews and is available to watch on Sky Atlantic and the Streaming Service called ‘NOW’. She talks about knowing she wanted to be an actress at 5 years old, her pet chickens, and some hilariously sweet family stories about words her husband can’t pronounce and her son’s school dinners. Plus, her childhood crush on Guy Pearce, her icon Jodie Foster and the newfound popularity of her film ‘Contagion’ throughout the pandemic.

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Produced by Cameo Productions, music by Beth Macari. 
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