LIZ-E on Drum & Bass, Social Media and the Dark Side of the Music Industry

Episode 19,   Apr 28, 2021, 01:39 PM

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We dive into the effects of social media and the dark side of the music industry including the reality of depression, plus the highs/lows that ALL DJs/Producer/Artists encounter during their career. She also talks about making new music this year and how Covid has given her the time to get back into honing her sound.

Renowned for her diverse oeuvre spanning Liquid, Jungle, Dancefloor Drum and Bass and even Dubstep, Elizabeth “LIZ-E” Welch has come a long way since her formative years as a rave enthusiast and self-taught vinyl DJ. First learning to produce in the early 2010s under the expert tutelage of Smokin’ Riddims founder Jaydan, the Luton D&B mainstay has since honed her craft across a range of musical styles, going on to release songs via prestigious institutions including Friction’s Shogun Audio, Matrix & Futurebound’s Viper Recordings and Fatman Dee’s Biological Beats.

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