Big Boo Five Questions with Annie F. Downs

Apr 19, 07:00 AM
It was such a treat for Melanie and me to close out Five Questions - a six-week bonus series of The Big Boo Cast - with our longtime friend Annie F. Downs. Annie is a podcaster, a New York Times bestselling author, and an Instagram delight. We loved getting to reminisce about our old blogging days (Bloglines and Google Reader, anyone?) and the first few years of Annie's writing career in Nashville.

We also talk about writing in the here and now; Annie has some great perspective about rejection and about a healthy writing process. Plus, Annie and I talk (maybe) way too much and way too enthusiastically about cooking shows that we love. By the way, I have since watched all the episodes of the cooking show that Annie recommends, and I have a lot of thoughts about it. This may merit some sort of follow-up episode. 

Enjoy, y'all!

Show Notes:

- The Final Table on Netflix


- AcornTV (use promo code BIGBOO to get your first 30 days free)