Vegan whine

Apr 16, 07:19 AM
Let's have another look at what's going on up there on Planet Porky as we join Mike Parry and Lesley-Ann Jones for another podcast.

They seem to be discussing: Porky returning to the pub, the technological challenges of booking ahead for a pint, people drinking themselves ill at home, toiletry habits in difficult public situations, lockdown hair and going grey, Prince Andrew's ego, the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral arrangements, Sarah Ferguson's crassness, working too much while heavily pregnant, Linda McCartney, Mick Jagger's solo career and why it never quite took off for him, David Cameron's distasteful business dealings, whether spelling is important in the modern day, grammar schools, vegan wine, Dame Helen Mirren, and female role models. It's Life on Planet Porky and it's beaming your way once again!   

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