Friday, April 16: AJ Plays Shock Collar "Operation"; Fun Fact Friday; How Do You Pronounce Norfolk?

Apr 16, 06:30 PM
Dumb Ass News - A woman believed she was engaged to Prince Harry. The story takes a turn, when everyone realizes they don't even know Harry's full name. (0:00)
Somehow, AJ has never played the board game "Operation" before. Chaz made sure to fix that, but with a twist: every time AJ failed, he ALSO got a shock from a shock collar. (8:59)
So, snow now in mid-April? Sure. Chaz and AJ talk about the pictures on Twitter of multiple inches of snow on the ground in Ellington, Mooseup and Norfolk. Norfolk residents quickly texted the show to tell everyone they were pronouncing the name of the town incorrectly. (20:43)
After the Norfolk snafu, Fun Fact Friday was dominated by the Tribe calling in other words commonly mispronounced, including Ashley's take on "costume." (36:28)
Boss Keith's Top 5 was back in person, after making a full recovery from his J&J vaccination hangover. These are the 5 things he wants everyone to agree with him about. (47:03)

Image Credit: Vera Aksionava / iStock / Getty Images Plus