Nick Foligno

Apr 19, 2021, 04:00 AM

Daren is joined by Nick Foligno (3:00). Foligno talks about the emotions he felt when he found out he was being traded to Toronto and just how excited he is to join the franchise his dad played for and he rooted for as a kid. He discusses the logistics of quarantining and explains what it was like for him and his family on Trade Deadline day. He looks back on his time in Columbus with fond memories, but also talks about how rejuvenated he feels to be joining a competitive Maple Leafs squad. As a former captain, he talks about playing with veterans and leaders like Tavares, Thornton and Spezza and describes how pumped up he is to play with such top-not talent in Matthews and Marner. He shares some of his memories of rooting for the Maple Leafs as a kid, and explains how excited his father is for him to be joining the franchise. Ever wonder what happens on team text chats when a player is traded? Nick also discusses that, as well as so much more.