Joey Wright - Bob’s NOT my uncle and my walk is my walk

Episode 174,   Apr 21, 2021, 09:30 PM

Future Hall of Fame Coach* Joey Wright 
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Joe, Joseph or Joey?
Success in real estate
Identify as realtor or basketball coach and the nature of success
Australian PR/citizenship 
Sports agents and self representation 
Should he have been Boomers coach?
Too passionate for the Australian culture? 
What would you have done with Ben Simmons and the Boomers if you were coach?
Does Goorjian’s departure for China hurt his legacy? 
Where does the budget have to go to win in the NBL?
How to beat Bryce Cotton 
Working in the media? ‘Fully Imported’ 
Slim and none and Slim’s left town - Joey’s relationship with the media
Who are your social/persona influences? 
Being vilified by the NBL and the ‘need’ for villains in sports?
What sports material do you consume or want to consume? 
More integrity in media
Black Panther 
Diagnosing Cairns’ problems 
Last interview with John Casey and the fallout
You don’t coach for 17yrs and be a bad guy 
Being a kindred spirit with Chris Goulding
Dropping one’s rod 
Great players believing in themselves over their system, coach, team