Episode 190 - Jonathan Benno of Cafe Leonelli

Apr 22, 11:00 AM

Today on the podcast Eric is joined by Avondale Food & Wine's own Mary Clarkson to discuss some of the latest happenings in the News of the Week section. In the Restaurants of the Week portion March is featured. Then in the Guest of the Week section, Eric is joined by Jonathan Benno of Cafe Leonelli. Eric speaks with Jonathan about how Jonathan became interested in cooking, where his career has taken him, how his experiences have guided/formed his culinary philosophy today, how much he's learned about Houston, the ingredients and vendors from the area that have impressed him, what customers can expect from Cafe Leonelli, how the opportunity to open Cafe Leonelli at MFAH came about, the reaction to the cafe so far, the other concepts that at MFAH, what opportunities are available in Houston, what restaurants have impressed him so far in Houston, and much more!

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