09 | My magic vortex amplification formula

Apr 21, 12:10 AM
Learn my Quantum Formula for vortex amplification, so you can start accessing the next level of your life! This is a powerful formula with a profound algorithm that will help us manifest a life that aligns with our heart desires.
This 7 step formula contains many algorithms that can all be uniquely accessed and worked with. Each algorithm in itself can be worked on. It can take some time to really open up each algorithm and align and apply it in our lives. 
I share this with you all, as some of you might already have some of the keys present within this formula, but might not know how to put them together to access the next level of evolution available.
This is the formula that has really helped me to literally quantum jump realities and create an amazing life and access the next levels of evolution that were available already in my vortex.
This formula will give us the keys to be able to bring elements into our vortex with greater clarity, precision and coherence. It will also remove what isn’t truly aligned to our heart desires and our highest level of available frequencies from our vortex.

This episode overs

  • What is a vortex
  • Why this formula might trigger you
  • Meditating daily to find inner peace
  • Finding coherence between our thoughts, words and actions
  • How we can unlock more of our DNA’s potential 
  • Reclaiming our power and moving away from victimhood
  • How to create pools of frequencies from our heart’s desires
  • How I manifested my dream home using pools of frequencies
  • Conscious timeline shifts through aligned actions
  • Quantum timeline stretcher technology
  • How our galactic team can help us manifest in the quantum
  • Letting go and surrendering to the divine

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