RF Podcast 27: British Airways Pilot Gokul Ganga-Nair

Season 2,  Apr 24, 2021, 06:00 AM

Welcome back to the Renaissance Foundation Podcast,

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We work to transform the lives of Young Carers and Hospital Patients in London, by inspiring them to achieve their full potential.

I’m Corey, a member of staff at Renaissance Foundation… and I intro and edit the podcasts

We had so much fun chatting with British Airways Pilot Gokul Ganga-Nair.

We asked him so many questions and he literally answered every single one, we could’ve genuinely recorded this for hours! And we’d love to get you back to ask more!. Thanks so much for sharing your career journey, advice and inspiring us. as we have Young People at RF looking to become pilots themselves. It genuinely means a lot that you took the time to speak with us, answer questions and laugh at our Pilot/Plane Memes.

The brilliant music used in our podcast is created by Young Leader Jal! Thank you Jal! - cant wait to hear the new tunes your working on

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