Ann Bolinger-McQuade, 4.25.21 - Everyday Oracles. Tuning in to hidden meanings beyond language.

Apr 22, 06:36 PM

An interesting segment features our conversation on the character I saw in the clouds (years ago). I had forgotten that message completely - and yet, there was a recent trigger in a dream.

Intuition. Dreams. Symbols. Visions. Animals.

I pulled this interview from my archives because the message is still fresh. The Universe offers constant feedback. Our answers are available when we learn how to read the signs.

Ann Bolinger-McQuade presents true life stories of situations where specific information was given at just the right moment - in just the right way - so as to be connected to the situation at hand.

One profound event concerns a dream a little boy had about his father. He woke up very distraught. Daddy died in his dream. The schedule for the day was subsequently altered to allow Dad to spend just a little more time with his son before he dropped him off and went to work. Before he could leave for work, he got a phone call.

That delayed arrival - was on 9/11. Dad didn't go into work at all that day. He lived.

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Ann shares a personal chant in the first segment. One of my favorite parts of this interview.

Clouds are a star feature. There's the guy who seeds clouds and gets a message. And there's the character I saw in the clouds. Image 1 on her website. I had forgotten that message completely - and yet, there was a recent trigger in a dream:

I dreamed I saw a mist in the back yard that separated into 5 segments. Each segment morphed into an Elephant. They came forward to greet me and then marched single file back into the mist.

Ann offers a jaw dropping interpretation. Oracle déjà vu. Link. Fascinating. And a possible clue it is time to revisit this work.     

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