Monday, April 26: Oscars Recap; Tribe Tick Stories; Elon Musk Wants Humans On Mars

Apr 26, 2021, 03:41 PM

Dumb Ass News - A horse was spotted at a car wash, and residents of Belchertown, Mass. were very concerned. An entire news report was put together, just to reassure everyone that the horse is fine. (0:00)
Movie critic Joe Meyers watched every minute of last night's Oscars, and thought it was one of the better broadcasts the awards show has ever done. He addressed the controversy of Best Actor not going to Chadwick Boseman, and the one bit from the broadcast he really hated. (9:53)
Boss Keith also watched every minute of the Oscars. He pretty much hated all of it, and yelled about how they can fix it for next year. (27:45)
Dumb Ass News - Elon Musk wants to put human beings on Mars. Why is the internet mocking him for this? (40:46)
It seems like this year is going to be a busy one with ticks, judging by the stories Chaz and AJ have already gotten from the Tribe. One guy spent 30 minutes fishing, and found over 20 ticks on his legs afterwards. (47:20)

Image Credit: Diy13 / iStock / Getty Images Plus