48 - Season 4 - How should you learn your new language?

Apr 28, 04:38 PM
If how you’re going to learn a new language is the first question you consider on your bilingual journey, Steve has a surprise for you. In Episode 48, he reveals an even more important question to ask yourself about that new language—before you decide how you’ll learn it.
It’s one of the pivotal lessons Steve learned when researching his book, America’s Bilingual Century, and he thanks Guadalupe Valdés, a professor at Stanford, for enlightening him.
Enjoy this second audiobook chapter of America’s Bilingual Century. You’re listening to Chapter 1, narrated by Sean Pratt.
Like the music? It’s “Quasi Motion” by Kevin Macleod at the start of the episode and then Johh Bartmann's "West in Africa".