The Blue Line

May 02, 05:44 PM
Bangkok metro reimagined by Cities and Memory.

"This field recording brought back strong memories of my first visit to Bangkok, falling in love with the hectic, constantly-moving city as it swirled around me. Bangkok seemed to me a confluence of futuristic aspiration and millions upon millions of people doing their best to make in a competitive conurbation. 

"The metro was the fastest, simplest way to make your way around the centre of the city, and this piece is based on memories of the emotions of travelling above the streets at night, feeling the sense of endless possibility pulsing out of the very city itself, as if you could hear it breathing in and out.

"The piece is built from Moog Subharmonicon lines weaving in and out of passages of field recordings, with some piano and tenor brass accompaniment weighting out the mix, representing the heft of the trains on their tracks."