IPL 2021 Ep8: HotSpot Special Edition

Season 3, Episode 62,   May 03, 2021, 02:10 AM

HotSpot The Cricket Podcast presents IPL 2021: HotSpot Special Edition, powered by Earshot.in, featuring cricket journalist & broadcaster Chetan Narula with BBC TMS commentator Daniel Norcross.

In this episode, we tackle the burning question: Should the IPL 2021 continue to be played? 

Given the tragedy unfolding in India, should the IPL continue? Why should it continue if so? Is it really a distraction for the millions staying at home? If the IPL stops, why should it stop? What is the viewpoint from outside India about this tournament going on even as the pandemic rages in India's hospitals? Are the BCCI and its IPL teams tone deaf? Can they do more and how should they do more? 

Our panelists try to tackle these difficult questions. Tune in!