Raising your consciousness with Elena & Alejandro

May 03, 06:16 PM
Elena & Alejandro

People carry a certain vibe! Can you imagine being able to know whether someone was going through life at the level of manipulation, anger or fear BEFORE you spent many years hanging out with them? Or on the flip side whether they were vibrating overall at the frequency of peace, joy and love. I have spent many years shifting, growing and healing wounds from the past to raise my consciousness. 

I know there have been years in my past that I was not contributing energy to those around me based on the level of awareness I was at. I am thrilled to introduce you to a couple that reads vibrational frequencies. Their work is fascinating and in this episode we explore the beauty of what they do and why it matters so much. In today's world it can be so confusing where to find answers. Elena and Alejandro are bright beacons of light! 

Elena Bensonoff is the Founder of Wholistic Inc., #1 Amazon Best Seller in Holistic Medicine, World-Renowned Wholistic Teacher, Clinical Pharmacist, Diplomate in Anti-Aging, Functional and Regenerative Medicine, Award-Winning Natural Perfumer, and Creator of the Wholistic Wisdom Program and Masterclass,
which have helped thousands of people all over the world harness their inner healing power to end their struggles with Chronic Illness once and for all.

Alejandro Ferradas is a life flow catalyst. For over 20 years, Alejandro has transformed lives by facilitating profound transformational journeys. He harnesses the power of quantum physics and utilizes advanced scalar wave technology to read the vibrational frequencies and the human biofield. With intuitive wisdom, he relays the messages you need to hear in order to transcend, expand, and grow!

Find out more at https://www.wholistic.com/
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