Tuesday, May 4: The Sock Guy Received Ashley's Socks; The Guy Who Mailed Himself Across The Pacific in A Crate; Milford Oyster Festival Update

May 04, 03:25 PM
Adam the Sock Guy finally received his well-worn, unwashed sock package from Ashley. He agreed to wait to open it live on the air with Chaz and AJ, and offered his thoughts after his very first sniff. (0:00)
Dumb Ass News - A woman on a plane attacked flight attendants, when they didn't pick up her garbage. What made her a real dumbass, was her answers to reporters after she was removed from the plane. (8:15)
Brian Robson managed to mail himself across the Pacific, in a tiny box. Way back before there were laws to prevent this kind of thing. He was on with Chaz and AJ to talk about how he made the plan, why he never made it home, and how he used the bathroom during his five days inside the box. (12:17)
Ila from the Milford Oyster Fest called in to share good news about this summer, and hinted at the potential musical act. Then, the largest White Castle in the United States recently opened in Florida. (32:52)

Image Credit: SafakOguz / iStock / Getty Images Plus