S3E18: "The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves"

May 05, 11:55 AM
As the end shudders ever closer, we look back at Slovácko, Teplice and Baník, and forward to Boleslav and Slovan, all via a superb Beer of the Podcast, a serious Hot or Not, a Leoš Janáček biography, Ostravan exclamation marks, and a spot of George Harrison.
0.00 - opening
2.20 - Slovácko vs. Zbrojovka
7.50 - Zbrojovka vs. Teplice
17.00 - Petr Čech & Roger Taylor, and Baník Ostrava vs. Zbrojovka
25.30 - Ostrava Railway Station Jingle & the life and times of Leoš Janáček
32.55 - Hot? Or Not?!
48.25 - Mladá Boleslav preview
55.50 - Beer of the Podcast
1.00.15 - Slovan Liberec preview
1.05.10 - outro