Michael Ball

Season 1, Episode 32,   May 09, 2021, 11:01 PM

On Captain Tom, mental health & his new album reflecting on lockdown

In this episode Gaby chats to her good friend the incredibly talented Michael Ball OBE. You will hear them talking about GSA, which is Guildford School of Acting where they both trained. Michael talks about his first big break in ‘Pirates of Penzance’, being in the original cast of ‘Les Misérables’, representing the UK in ‘Eurovision 1992’ and he shares some hilarious stories about forgetting his lines on stage. He talks openly about his own mental health and coping mechanisms, the amazing Captain Sir Tom Moore and recording a number one single with him. Plus, he talks about writing and recording from home with some of the best song writers in the business for his stunning new album called ‘We Are More Than One’ in which he reflects on the positive effects of lockdown - available now on Decca records.
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