Welcome to the Omniverse, Ep. 20

May 05, 04:29 PM

Virtual 3D design and simulation as a collaborative tool....yes, please! Join us as we discuss NVIDIA's Omniverse platform and the potential it brings to Predator Cycling's own manufacturing ecosystem.

The Omniverse! A cross over of Wolverine, Batman, Luke Skywalker....and hmmm, Fred Flintstone...where time and continuity doesn't exist?! I wish! Try an interconnected 3D design, simulation, and virtual reality ecosystem available from NVIDIA! Part 1 of this series provides a customer's (us) explanation of the Omniverse product and how we plan to use it, manipulate it, enhance it, and work it into the world of bicycle manufacturing. Look out for Part 2 soon as we discuss the Omniverse with NVIDIA reps as we take a look from the "company side."