The AMP Trials- bNAbs for HIV Prevention

Season 4, Episode 1,   May 06, 2021, 01:16 PM

AVACers Jeanne Baron and Daisy Ouya talk to leading bNAb researcher, IAVI’s Devin Sok; a veteran HIV research advocate Mark Hubbard who served on AMP’s protocol team; and a senior member of the HVTN’s community engagement team, a chief explainer of the AMP trials, Gail Broder. Together, we explore why these findings point to the need for combination antibodies, the need for a better understanding of the types of HIV that are circulating in a community, the complicated implications of a key lab test and more.

Findings from two trials on antibody-mediated prevention, the AMP Trials, have been generating discussion since the beginning of the year. The results are complex, and the implications for HIV prevention research are unfolding.