"What Do We Do Now?" with Nathan Zoob & Alan Olifson! Cross-Over Episode! #GrownDadBusiness

May 10, 2021, 01:00 PM

Special cross-over episode withAlan & Zoob of "What Do We Do Now?" podcast!
Aaron had such a meaningful & all encapsulating conversation about the last year of surviving as an entertainer with Zoob & Alan, we decided to upload it for you!

"What Do We Do Now?" Conversations with performing artists who can’t perform. With theaters closed and in-person performing options dwindling, musician/producer Nathan Zoob and comedian/storyteller Alan Olifson are, frankly, going slowly insane. So they are bringing in other Pittsburgh (and beyond) performers to find out how they’re coping, what they’re doing, and if anyone else has taken up knitting."
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Nathan Zoob is a singer/songwriter, guitarist for indie rock band 'Wreck Loose' and musical director for WDVE, WYEP Pittsburgh.
Alan Olifson is a comedian, writer, & producer best known for his love of the Oxford Comma, but also for WordPlay, hosting Pittsburgh's Moth StorySLAM, and his book ManChild: My Life Without Adult Supervision.
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