Hay Fever - What Is It and How to Keep It At Bay!

Episode 710,  May 07, 2021, 09:00 AM

With summer just around the corner and knowing that many people do suffer quite badly from hay fever, RNIB Connect Radio’s Toby Davey checked in with Pharmacist Elizabeth Roddick from New Live Pharmacy in Glasgow to talk all about hay fever.  

What hay fever is, what treatments are out there for hay fever sufferers and some tips on how to cope with hay fever over the summer months.

To get in touch with Elizabeth Roddick email  Elizabeth.r@newlifepharmacy.co.uk or for more information visit https://newlifepharmacy.co.uk.

Image:  Picture showing Elizabeth standing in her pharmacy, dressed in her white pharmacist coat and a colourful bandana around her neck, she's smiling. warmly at the camera with her hands slightly raised.