Epic vs Apple Trial Reveals Why Sony Was Against Crossplay

May 07, 05:15 AM

On tonight’s Throwdown, we discuss the fallout of the Epic vs Apple case, Discord coming to PlayStation, Sony trademarking Sunset Overdrive, the new PS5 model, Halo Infinite’s troubled development, and more!

Tonight’s Topics:

- Epic vs Apple trial reveals why Sony was against crossplay
- Epic pushed Microsoft to open free multiplayer
- Walmart cloud gaming revealed by Epic vs Apple trial
- PlayStation partners with Discord
- Sony sued for restricting digital game sales to PSN
- Sony registers trademark for Sunset Overdrive
- New PS5 console expected in 2022
- Halo Infinite behind-the-scenes issues
- Xbox consoles have never turned a profit
- Google Stadia execs leave to join Jade Raymond’s studio

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