IPL 2021 Ep9: HotSpot Special Edition

Season 3, Episode 63,   May 07, 2021, 05:49 AM

HotSpot The Cricket Podcast presents IPL 2021: HotSpot Special Edition, powered by Earshot.in, featuring cricket journalist & broadcaster Chetan Narula with BBC TMS commentator Daniel Norcross.

The inevitable has happened and IPL 2021 has come to a grinding halt, thanks to as many as ten positive cases across four teams. The season has been suspended indefinitely and players are now enroute home. 

So, what happens to the IPL 2021 now? Is it a priority in a jam packed year? When can it be hosted again and where can it be played, more importantly? What will be the likely impact on the international calendar?
And what are the last happy memories of IPL 2021... atleast for the time being? Tune in!