Chemmy Alcott - "I never lose, I either win, or I learn" .

May 10, 01:00 AM
This week on Monday Mile, I  head to West London, Hampton Court to meet Chemmy Alcott who is a 4x Winter Olympian downhill skier, and the first ever British woman to win a World Cup run. Chemmy's been to 8 World Champs, she's a business owner,  wife and Mum of two young boys, and your current BBC Ski Sunday host.  She's also a really good friend of mine!

What I loved about this Monday Mile stroll, is Chemmy's all or nothing approach to life, whether it be the dance floor, looking after her boys or charging the mountain. Her honesty and vulnerability in being open about struggling to balance both her family and working life, is inspiring "I am a swan, and I have my head above water ..... just, but legs are frantic!" This really does make the superwoman that Chemmy is, somewhat relatable. She's got endless energy, and well and truly is the definition of a kind-hearted, supportive soul.

Former Team GB double winter Olympian Aimee Fuller is on a mission to find the secrets for Monday motivation from some of the most successful sports men and women of our time and other well-known celebrities which will drop every week. 

Aimee will be probing for answers from the full spectrum of routines; the early birds who have finely tuned Monday mornings, to the late risers who struggle to get up before 11am. How do elite athletes find the motivation to kick start their week come rain or shine? How do celebrities deliver no matter what the time of day? What knowledge can they pass on?’ 

Each episode will drop on a Monday morning and plays out in real time. Aimee will meet each of her guests for a walk and a chat and over the course of the mile she will find out how they cope on a Monday morning - their idiosyncrasies, breakfast routines, alarm noises - and how, when they need to, find the motivation to kick-on through the week. 

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