Chen Guangcheng, wo zhi chi ni

May 04, 2012, 05:37 PM, London, London Borough of Hackney, United Kingdom

"I'm with you Chen Guangcheng!" 陈光诚,我支持你

This recording tells you how to say 'I'm with you, Chen Guangcheng' in Mandarin. Amnesty International is collecting messages of support for China's blind human rights activist Chen Guangcheng. Listen to the recording (the phrase is said twice in the clip) to hear the pronunciation, then record your own message in Mandarin. Say 'Chen Guangcheng, wo zhi chi ni', followed by your name - and, if you like, where you live. #amnesty #china #mandarin

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distinctjowl - over 2 years ago

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Its useful


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Thats superb...


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Its splendid :)