Leon Mann: It's all about the process

May 11, 10:58 AM

Leon Mann is on a mission to enrich the sport and media industries through his roles as a business and talent consultant, filmmaker, and a champion for inclusion and diversity.

Starting as a junior sports reporter for the BBC, Leon felt like he wanted to make a change if he were to follow his ambitions of being a broadcaster on TV as there were very few people who looked like him.

With incredible courage and a lot self-belief, Leon set about changing the norm by setting up and founding the 'Football Black List' as well as 'Black Collective of Media in Sport'.

Leon has gone on to direct and produce films about Usain Bolt entitled 'The Fastest Man who has ever lived', as well as interviewing and working with superstars such as; Michael Jordan, David Beckham, Michael Johnson, Andy Cole, Rio Ferdinand and many more.

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