Annie Mac

Season 1, Episode 33,   May 16, 2021, 11:01 PM

On the lack of female DJs, family life & her debut novel 'Mother Mother’

In this episode Gaby chats to the gifted superstar DJ and now author – Annie Mac, or to use her full name, Annie Macmanus. They chat about growing up in Ireland and how Annie wanted to be an actress and ended up studying English literature. She talks openly about the lack of female DJs, the fact that she is one of the very few DJs who is also a mother, and her admiration for broadcaster Mary Anne Hobbs. This conversation was recorded before the announcement that she is leaving Radio 1 but, as you will hear, it feels fitting that she is leaving to spend more time with her children and to write more fiction. They chat about family life with DJ husband Toddla T and discuss her new debut novel called ‘Mother Mother’ which is out on 27th May and available to pre-order now. And you won’t believe what song Annie Mac, renowned DJ listens to with her children! 
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