Adapting to a changing climate

Season 1, Episode 8,  May 12, 2021, 02:33 PM

Farming For a Better Climate: Adapting to climate change
As interest grows in tackling the climate crisis globally and with COP26 coming to Glasgow in November Scottish farmers are becoming more aware and interested in carbon and the challenge of net zero. With all the talk focusing on reducing emissions it can be easy to forget that climate change is already upon us, and adapting your business to our changing climate is vital for a sustainable future for Scottish agriculture. 
In this episode Séamus Murphy speaks to Environment consultant Iain Boyd and Anna Beswick of Adaptation Scotland about what the impacts of climate change are going to be on Scotland and Scottish agriculture. The podcast focuses on what can be done now to build resilience into current farm businesses to ensure a sustainable future. The recent SAC Consulting publication 'Climate change adaptation for agriculture Is your farm ready?' is discussed heavily and can be found on the Farming For a Better Climate website.