Lunch with Leon episode 37 - Prof. John Miles

May 13, 03:32 PM
“Make it as clean and simple as possible.” That’s the guiding principles that Prof John Miles Director of Research in Transitional Energy Strategies at the University of Cambridge, reckons we should focus on for transport.

He’s no ‘boffin’ either, but also gets his hands dirty in the real world working with global consultants, Arup, and has first-hand knowledge of many types of transport schemes.

He tells Leon Daniels what’s wrong with Milton Keynes, and talks about the opportunity-charging bus project in the city.

Swiftly scything through all the jargon, he cuts to the chase to set out the pros and cons of all the different energy types used to power vehicles; which ones have the edge and why.

In an informed and objective analysis, he looks at what is possible. Throwing down a challenge to elected mayors looking to solve congestion, he sets out why it’s not an impossible solution.