Thursday, May 13: Viral Gas Station Fight; CT Real Estate; AJ Shaves His Legs With Sandpaper

May 13, 04:48 PM
Frito-Lay is expanding production, and moving into the state of Connecticut. Chaz and AJ wanted to know what goes into making a bag of Cheetos, and stumbled upon their recipe page on their website. (0:00)
A viral fight at a gas station in North Carolina split the show. Chaz and AJ believed the woman was completely to blame, while Ashley saw the whole thing differently. (6:58)
Jonathan Carbutti was on with Chaz and AJ to talk about the real estate market, which remains insanely active. (19:30)
In Dumb Ass News, AJ tried to shave his legs with sandpaper after seeing a woman go viral on TikTok. Then the chat room on Twitch fought back after AJ insulted them. (25:24)

Image Credit: gavran333 / iStock / Getty Images Plus