Allergies & Heart Health - Veteran Angler Charters - Eversource Hurricane Preparedness

May 16, 2021, 12:15 PM

So your sniffling, sneezing, got those itchy watery eyes, yes allergy season is in full bloom here across Connecticut, but could those allergy symptoms be masking COVID-19 - or impacting your cardiovascular health? We're going to tap Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a former state cardiology specialist, to discuss allergies, and how you might be able to tackle those symptoms naturally, while protecting your heart in the process.
Then, we're heading to the docks of West Haven to catch up with a trio from Veteran Angler Charters to talk about what this unique nonprofit is planning for 2021. If you know a vet who can use some comradery, or a boat captain who may want to provide some support to our veterans, stay tuned.
And as we wrap up National Hurricane Preparedness week - we all know power outages following bad storms are inevitable - but our top source at Eversource is here to explain how the energy utility is working hard to minimize possible storm damage to keep your lights on this hurricane season.