5/14 D-Fly & Dixie: May Madness

May 14, 11:43 AM
Let's get it. 

D-Fly and Dixie help you get ready for the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament. In addition to talking about the tournament field and seedings, they preview all eight games and bring in High Point head coach Jon Torpey to set the tone for the weekend.

First, they look at the bracket and talk about the selection show. In particular, they discuss Loyola’s inclusion, seeding questions and the little respect shown to the B1G. The two also talk about the NCAA’s sideline limits and an unusual schedule of one game per venue per day. Despite these petty concerns, they’re both grateful for May lacrosse and excited for the games.

Then they start breaking down the games. Prior to the Duke vs. High Point preview, they sit down with Torpey to talk about the Southern Conference champions. As always, they start with a look at pandemic perseverance at High Point. Fascinated with the Panthers social media accounts, Dix asks about the inspiration behind the entertaining content. 

As the conversation turns to the team, they all discuss the specialness of this particular senior class, how the season pivoted in the middle, the brilliance of Asher Nolting and the star contributions of Kevin Rogers and Brayden Mayea. 

In the final question, we learn that the Panthers are Maggiano stans even as Torpey stays true to his Baltimore roots as a Little Italy man.